All Natural Male Supplement

Thanks to the overwhelming success and rave reviews of our all natural male supplement Formula R3, Ultimate Performance Labs is proud to present our newest product, Formula R3 Daily.

Created with the purest ingredients, Formula R3 Daily is designed to maintain and support the overall health of the male reproductive system. The once daily pill will increase and maintain energy, libido, stamina and testosterone as well as support your heart, kidneys, liver and prostate all in one so that you can perform at your highest level. .


Formula R3 is an all natural male supplement designed with a combination of exotic herbs to naturally increase blood flow, boost stamina and desire while supporting the prostate. Guaranteed safe, natural and effective.


The creators of Formula R3 believe that the male reproductive system works in unison, so when our doctors designed it , they made sure all parts where enhanced as well as protected. There are many male enhancement pills on the market, so for Formula R3 to deliver results we chose the best ingredients with the highest quality. Formula R3 is the only male enhancement on the market that supports the prostate and is guaranteed to deliver the three Rs to its maximum potential. Rise, Rock and Restore.